Consular Processing Updates: NVC No Longer Requires Original Documents

The National Visa Center will no longer require applicants to submit original records by mail to the NVC prior to an interview.

The National Visa Center has announced a welcome change to its procedures for processing applications for visas abroad. Applicants no longer have to submit original civil documents to the National Visa Center. In the past, all civil documents, such as marriage and birth certificates, police certificates, and military records, had to be submitted in original form. As of November 12, 2014, that will no longer be required. Instead, applicants will submit copies of documents to the NVC, and bring the original document to the consular interview. This change does not apply to Affidavits of Support.

This new procedure will be less burdensome for our clients seeking immigrant visas from abroad, and those immigrating by way of the provisional waiver process. Contact an immigration attorney in our office for assistance with this process or other immigrant visa questions.