Palestinian refugees unveil powerful perspectives in new S.F. art gallery, The San Francisco Chronicle, March 22, 2022

Refugee Eye is a new visual storytelling hub where you can see the world from the perspective of refugees.  Visit the Refugee Eye gallery in the McSweeney’s Building at 849 Valencia Street in San Francisco or online at Read […]

Welcome to Chechnya, HBO Films

Welcome to Chechnya, from Academy Award-nominated director David France, is a powerful documentary about the anti-LGBTQ persecution in Chechnya and the activists risking their lives to provide safe haven to the persecuted. The film has won numerous awards, including at […]

Same-sex couples flood immigration offices for green cards

Los Angeles Times article By Alana Semuels, Los Angeles Times. Read More >

A Labor of Love

By Tom McNichol, California Lawyer Magazine. Within immigration law, a rarefied group of practitioners specializes in securing asylum for clients at risk because of their sexual orientation. Read more >

Transwomen Incarcerated

By Daily Kos. March 23, 2012. Read more

Gay couple trying to avoid deportation given 2-year reprieve by San Francisco judge

Dan Schreiber, San Francisco Examiner. July 14, 2011. Read more

Bi-national Gay couples struggle with US immigration law

Alex Collins, PRI’s The World, BBC. May 10, 2011. Read more Click for PDF

“Corner Store.” An excerpt from ” Corner Store,” a film by Katherine Bruens

The New York Times (Video Library). January 22, 2010. Watch video

Presidential election 2008: 13 days to go: Relinquishing green card not black-and-white: lawyers

Jenny W. Hsu and Charles Snyder, Taipei Times. March 9, 2008. Read more Click for PDF

The Asylum Trap

Eliza Strickland, SF Weekly. May 10, 2006. Click for PDF