San Francisco Bay Area Naturalization Lawyers

At Wiley & Jobson, we work hard to make sure that your path from permanent residence status to citizenship proceeds smoothly. We also help individuals and families overcome barriers to naturalization based on extended absences, criminal convictions or other eligibility problems.

For assistance with naturalization and U.S. citizenship, contact an experienced immigration attorney at the aw firm of Wiley & Jobson.

Naturalization and Citizenship

At Wiley & Jobson, we help individuals and families with:

  • Naturalization – The process through which a person becomes a U.S. citizen after fulfilling all legal requirements
  • Citizenship – Status acquired or derived by an individual by way of their parents’ citizenship or naturalization

Writ of Mandamus

Our attorneys can assist in filing federal litigation, such as writs of mandamus, as necessary when your citizenship application is delayed due to security, background or name checks.

If you are concerned about your eligibility for American citizenship based on past legal problems, we can sometimes find alternative ways to qualify you for naturalization, such as obtaining citizenship through a native-born or naturalized parent.

Immigration Appeals

We have also successfully appealed adverse initial decisions denying citizenship applications in many cases where we could show that the USCIS decision was in error.

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